Domain of activities

Commercial law

In the commercial field, we follow the entire life of a company throughout Switzerland:

  • Incorporation of public limited companies, limited liability companies, cooperatives and foundations including the establishment of articles of association
  • Capital increase and reduction
  • All changes of status
  • All changes in legal structure, such as mergers, demergers, transformations and transfers of assets and liabilities
  • Transfers of shares
  • Relocation of headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and abroad
  • Drawing up of all minutes of meetings (authentic or not)
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies

    Real estate law

    We handle all types of operations, however limited to the canton of Geneva :

    • Real estate disposals and acquisitions in all their forms (promise, sale, forward sale, donation, sharing, exchange, transfer)
    • Mortgage transactions (creation and modification of mortgage schedules in particular)
    • Constitutions, modifications and cancellation of real rights (easement, usufruct, right of superficies)
    • Ownership by floors and their modifications
    • Division and assembly of parcels (transfer tables)
    • Establishment of Administration and Use Regulations (PPE) and Use and Administration Regulations (co-ownership)
    • Pacts of emption, pre-emption and réméré
    • Approaches to the various administrations (IBGI, LDTR, CFA, LFAIE, etc…)

    Family law

    Our team takes care before and after marriage (with or without plan liquidation) of the:

    • Contracts of separation of property
    • Contracts of community of property
    • Contracts modifying the interest in the assets
    • Cohabitation contracts
    • Authentic inventories
    • Liquidation of matrimonial regime
    • Mandates for incapacity
    • Advance directives
    • Wills and inheritance pacts
    • Gifts 

    Inheritance law

    In the estate planning and liquidation process, we take care of:


    • Drawing up holographic or public wills and inheritance agreements, with formalities at the Swiss Register of Wills
    • Conservation of holographic wills
    • Notification of dispositions for cause of death after death
    • Issuance of certificates of heirs and attestations of entitlement
    • Execution of wills and ex-officio administration
    • Establishment of civil or fiscal inventory
    • Estate liquidation (declaration of inheritance, administrative formalities)
    • Estate sharing
    • Inventory profit
    • Wealth and estate planning advice
    • Transfer after death to the Land Registry
    • Search for heirs, assets and testamentary dispositions


    We also provide : 

    • Legalizations of simple signatures or before a notary public
    • Certificates of authority for companies
    • Patent powers of attorney
    • Certified copies
    • Life certificates and other notarial attestations
    • Hague Apostille for Abroad


    In all the above-mentionned areas, we also provide advice that extends to tax law and private international law.

    We also issue bonds, loan agreements and power attorneys.



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